By: Nick Vino

Background Information

Hamas was created in the late 1987's during the first Palestinian uprising. Hamas was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Yassin was involved in the Brotherhood before the creation of Hamas, which he created to be the Brotherhoods loyal political arm. Hamas' strength in located in the Gaza strip which is where their purpose originates from. Hamas has been able to repel several attacks from Israel's forces which many believe comes from the growing of the groups military both in size and quantity.
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Leadership and Recruitment

The current leader of HAMAS is Khaled Mashal, his background is that of a physics teacher. The leader of HAMAS is chosen through a secret vote by members of the groups Shura Council. Hamas recruits new members through hiring them to be in the police. The Gaza strip has been plagued by poverty so many people who join are mainly looking for a job.
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The main Goal of Hamas is the destruction of the Israel state, and the replacement of Israel with a Islam Palestinian state. Therefore Hamas' actions tend to occur mainly in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
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Hamas has launched several attacks against the Israel state. Some which are suicide bombers to stabbings to launching rockets or mortars at Israel cities. Hamas has not launched an outright attack against Israel in fear of foreign intervention, but they have attacked Israel civilians. One of the major actions Hamas has taken was after being attacked by the Israel military for launching missiles into Israel had suffered extreme damage. This led to Hamas and Fatah(formerly the Palestinian Liberation Movement) agreed to form a interim government and hold elections.
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Hamas's Success

Hamas's main goal is to destroy Israel and has been harassing Israel through missiles since it doesn't have the power for a direct confrontation and doesn't want foreign intervention so they have been building their power. The main success that Hamas has had is their ability to hold power in the Gaza strip. They have not been destroyed by the Israel military which has destroyed several Arab armies in the past. They also protect the Arab people from Israel occupation forces when Palestine could not.
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