Volume Breakdown


3-D Figures


The volume formula we used to find the volume of the square was LxWxH.

5 similar characteristics and different characteristics of the Rectangular Prism and the Cube

The similarities of the cube and rectangular prism
  1. Both have 6 faces
  2. Have 12 edges
  3. Haves a base
  4. Both have the same formulas
  5. They are each used for simple math equation

The differences are:

1.Instead of having a cube like form the prism has a rectangular form .

2 .Has a box like figure instead of a rectangular.

3.has more length in the height then the rectangular prism.

4.Has less height than the rectangular prism.

Formula for a rectangular prism

1.Mutiply 5 x 5 =25

2.multiply 25x5=125

The answer is one - hundred and twenty five.We got the answer by using lxwxh.

Formula for a Cube

1.Multiply 4x6=24

2.Multiply 24x10=240

The answer is two-hundred and forty.We found our answer by using the formula lxwxh.