Sydney Chambers


Some of my baby sitting experiences are:

  • I have babysat a family friends child. (1 year old)
  • i have also babysat my cousins (8 and 6)
Phone number:



My availability would be most weekdays except Wednesdays and the weekends.

Where i would babysit:

I prefer babysitting at your household.

Some of my qualities:

  • i am good with kids
  • i am energetic
  • i am very crafty and artsy (i could do fun projects with your kids)
  • i am very understanding
Other things about me:

I am 12 years of age. So if you are not comfortable with me babysitting i am willing to also be a mothers helper.

I enjoy babysitting!!

Mothers helper/Children's age and the area i will babysit in

Mothers helper:

I have also been a mothers helper once before.

I helped watch her 1 year old while she did work around the house.

children age standards:

I am only okay with babysitting kids from ages 1 year to 10 years of age.

Where and the area i will babysit:

I will only babysit in Milford PA and Matamoras PA

My hours and payment

For my hours i would discuss with you once I meet you.

For payment, we will also discuss with the hours.