6th Grade Language Arts

Course Syllabus

Course Description, Concepts, and Pacing Guide

Throughout the school year, students will be introduced to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) curriculum. The main implementation tool used for instruction will be the SpringBoard, Level 1 textbook. This textbook is aligned with the CCGPS and is inclusive of the necessary performance elements needed for student mastery. Each day, students will be exposed to a rigorous curriculum in which they will work towards gaining an enduring understanding through skills and strategies that address their individual learning modalities. Activities within the curriculum include close reading of texts, oral interpretations, collaborative discussions and assignments, and written analyses.

Unit 4 Measuring changes in Me

Students will reflect on their changes, to recognize personal and academic growth, and to set reading and writing goals. Students will also develop and apply deep revision skills and reflect on the revision process.