Mrs. Mayer's Monday Morning Memo

January 11, 2016

Benchmark Time!


Just a reminder that the benchmark windows are open. I would like to have some data printed for you before our staff development day. Will you please let me know when your grade level has completed all benchmarks so I can print grade level data? Thank you.


Now is a good time to check your growth plan and reflect on how you think things are going.

I am working on getting observations scheduled and completed. If you are on the observation cycle this year, please watch your email for more details. I will be conducting non-tenured first. Thank you for your flexibility.

I will also continue walk-throughs as time allows.

Reminder- Strength Finder Book

Almost everyone has received their Strength Finder book. Just a reminder, after you have taken the survey, please send me your five strengths and I will add them to the document. I hope you enjoyed reading about your strengths. We will use this information at the next staff meeting, during the January 25th Staff Development Day.


* We have a lot of extra hats in the office. If you would like some to keep in your classroom, feel free to grab a hand full.

* Thank you for filling out the pink slips for behavior. During the January staff development day, we will familiarize ourselves with how to put them in Skyward, and get rid of all paper referrals. :0)

Mayer's Out and About Days, this week

I will be out at the MN Pre-K/3 Leadership Conference on Monday. I will return Tuesday. My out and about days will be Wednesday morning, Thursday-all day and Friday morning.


If you have anything you think I should add to the Monday Memo, please let me know by Friday of the week before.