News From Thailand

Initialism Edition

in·i·tial·ism: an abbreviation consisting of initial letters pronounced separately.

One of the many unbelievably cool things about my job is the opportunity to participate in trainings by and with local, national, and international law enforcement. July was full of such opportunities, and our team had the privilege of attending workshops conducted by FBI and HSI (two initialisms with whom we work closely) on Child Forensic Interviewing. This month I thought I would share some of what I am learning.

Chasing Failure

I listened to a sermon recently about the power of chasing failure (that is, trying for something that is out of my reach). The idea is that chasing failure (taking chances, making mistakes) will get me farther than chasing perfection ever has. For me, it applies currently to language learning. I have been afraid to practice speaking Thai- afraid of making mistakes, of looking foolish. The truth is that if I am not making mistakes every day, I'm not stretching, not learning, not growing. I have to get over this idea that I need to do something perfectly in order to do it at all.

The Sound of Silence

Travelled farther north to Chiang Dao for a "Silent Retreat" to celebrate my 52nd birthday. It was, ummm, quiet. Grateful for the chance to retreat and reflect for a couple of days. Thank you for sweet birthday wishes, and for your sustaining prayers & support!

Love, Helen