The Iroquois

By connar

What Jobs Did They Do?

The Iroquois did different jobs. The women planted seeds and the men cleared the land for farming. The men hunted for food including deer, moose, beaver, rabbits, and elk. They used bows and arrows to hunt and they used snares for trapping.

Where does your group live.

The Iroquois lived The Iroquois rlved in structures called longhouses. They were tall and wide buildings that were made from wood. There was one door positionedon end of the long house, whichwas used to enter and exit the dwelling. There was a hole in the roof to allow smoke from the five to exit the long house. the long house hod no windows.

When did yourg roup arrive in Conada.

They settled in present day centra y and upstate New york, in the 16 th century. They Were coalesced as a distincttribe, being known as Flve Nations, Which is now Knownas Six Nations today. Many Iroquoion people settled along the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River and in the American Southeast.