Annex Texas!

By Sam Brownlee

Annexation Letter

People of the U.S,

please reconsider Texas to be part of your wonderful country. We could be a very valuable asset to your "team." We could be part of your army once our men are nice and strong again. I know that you almost accepted Texas as territory and we accepted it grudgingly, but then you rejected that. We beg you to please reconsider.

Background info

later in 1844 Texas was annexed. The vote had overwhelmingly passed! James K. Polk also had something to do with tat because he was the president at that time and he supported the annexation of Texas. Texas wanted to be annexed because they wanted to get there debt paid of, protection, a postal system, and a money system. The U.S didn't want Texas because of their problems with Mexico, their debt, and they were a slave state. The U.S already had enough problems with slaves as it is so they obviously didn't want more trouble.