My Biography

This is a biography on myself

This Is About Me And My Family

Name: Levi David Jones

DATE OF BiRTH: 28/07/03

Mum and Dad: Mathew jones /Lysette Jones

Siblings: Izac Jones Chloe Jones Shiloh Lupos

My Achievement

I got into the Hinterland district team for NRL because I train really hard in what I do and never give up and I don't muck around at training nights.

How I Got There

I got in the Hinterland team because I've trained really hard and put all my effort in footy and going to training every night and not mucking around at training.


When I was about eight we went on a holiday with my family to the whitsunday,white Haven Beach and Hamuton Island we saw sharks and we stayed on a bout the whole trip.