Video Game Club or Class Needed!

A flyer made by Ernest Harvey From Varina High School

Some people say that you won't learn anything from video games, I say otherwise. I'm a gamer and from all the games I've played there was a few games that actually made me smarter. The Schools never realizied that. Video games are just as good as a good book or movie. It has plot, characters, setting. Some books were even made into video games.

One game (series) that I've learned from is Persona 4 (golden). Persona 4 is about a tranfer high school student that moved to a town named Inaba, While in Inaba, he discover a rumor called the midnight channel and a serial murder mystery. The rumor goes that on a rainy midnight, if you look at a turned off tv, the tv will magically turn on and will show your true soulmate. The tranfer student then went inside the tv. Inside the tv there's an alternate world called the TV world with monsters called shadows. These shadows are made of the hidden true feeling of one's self. Inside the tv, he gain a power to defeat the shadows, the power to summon personas.

Now by just that you're think "How will that improve your education in any way possible?". Well, this game isn't just about this magically rumor. The real educationally value comes in the gameplay features.When you're not fighting shadows, you're at school, like in real school the teacher will tell you infomation you need to hear, after that the teacher will ask you a question, get it right and the game will reward you. Your personas aren't just made-up character for the game, they're actually gods,demons,and other mystic creatures from various religions and folk lores. There are also life lessons too. To make your persona stronger, You have to form social links. Social links are the bond you make with people in the game. Like in real life, everyone is different and have their own problems. Be a good friend to them, you will have a better bond with them. Be a terrible friend to them and they won't be your friend anymore (an example of this will be at the bottom). One of the biggest life lesson the game displays is to accept one's self. During the game, other high school students will be kidnaped into the TV world and you have to help them accept their shadow and true feelings (an example of this will be at the bottom).

Example of a Social link

Persona 4 - Fortune Social Link (Naoto) (1/3)

Example of a shadow

Persona 4 - Shadow Yukiko Appears

In conclusion, this game is just one of many games I've learned from. Maybe if the school notice games like this instead of past games or other games like Call of duty, maybe there would be a club or class for games. And maybe if other people notice this as well, they might learn something too.