Fabulous Friday

Mrs. Fox

September 25, 2015

*We will be walking to the Waverly Public Library next Friday, October 2. Please remind your child to bring library books to school. They can always be stored in lockers.

*Students are using their schema to make three types of connections to their readings. Ask your child what these three types of connections are. (Hint: T-S, T-T, and T-W;)

*We have begun collecting vocabulary words in a google doc from individual readings. Students can read a wider variety of materials by expanding their vocabulary.

*Mrs. Gamm was here last week to teach us all about using a GPS (Global Positioning System)

*We continue to learn about map skills.

*Writing skills, including editing capitalization and punctuation, have been taught and are expected in Continents of the World Choice Boards.

*Most Continents of the World Choice Boards are in, however, there are still some stragglers. Please help your child find a quiet place and time to complete this if incomplete. They have the very best intentions of getting things done, but life happens which sometimes makes it difficult to prioritize.

*Late work is expected to be made up during recess, however, some students do not come in even after being reminded. Students may stay after school on Wednesdays with Mrs. Bass if work fails to be completed in a timely manner. This is a service she offers to help students manage time so they can keep up. Illness is, of course, an exception.

A site recommended by Ms. Heather and Ms. Sara: geocaching.com

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Fox