Love Should Be Free To ALL

G.L.B.T. Sexuality rights

The Meaning of Love

Love has no bounds or restrictions, so why do some people restrict others from it? The G.L.B.T. Community has been at a war (invisible to most) with society. Most of these people can't even find their own love, so they have the need to keep others from it.

The G.L.B.T. Community stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans-Genders. The fact that they cannot be themselves without normally being looked down upon by the common man in this modern society. I still can't see why others think they are doing people of another sexuality a favor by all of the tormenting.

The G.L.B.T. Monument / Memorial

G.L.B.T. Memorial

I believe there should be a monument to remind the average person blind to all of the hatred that is faced towards those of a different sexuality. Also to remind everybody that love is an unalienable right to all.

The memorial should be located in San Francisco California. This is one of the most heavily populated G.L.B.T. Cities in the U.S.


My Purpose for this memorial is to show that everybody deserves to be loved no matter which sexuality, race, or religion. LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE FREE!