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2016-2017 Edition #8: October 14, 2016

“I hold out four criteria for integrating technology and pedagogy to produce exciting, innovative learning experiences for all students –something desperately needed to bring education into the 21st century. These new developments must be i) irresistibly engaging (for students and for teachers); ii) elegantly efficient and easy to use; iii) technologically ubiquitous 24/7; and iv) steeped in real-life problem solving.” (Fullan, 2015)

If We Put a Title on the Story the Data Is Telling Us, What Would it Be?

"Approaching Expectations" (grade 1)

"Working Hard...Enough?" (grades 2 and 3)

"Where We've Come from and Where We Need to Go" (Unified Arts)

Once we have grade K and grade 4 we will add to belief statement list and titles.

Belief Statements From PLC work:

If we believe that all students will learn, then...

  • we must use closer reading strategies to improve comprehension
  • we must differentiate instruction in all subject areas
  • we must ensure mastery before summative assessments by providing and observing practice that shows mastery
  • we need time to prepare for the expectation of lessons that include differentiation, and strong instructional strategies
  • we must support struggling learners more effectively to ensure appropriate progress
  • learning is based on their development and abilities
  • students are constantly learning and progressing, we should see improvement in scores
  • educators have high expectations then they have the ability to make a profound difference in student learning
  • emphasis should be put on continual progress for each student then many students will excel in their own way regardless of obstacle some may need to overcome to reach high levels of learning
  • we must provide different learning experiences and opportunities that have meaning to them.

MAP Testing Complete

Thank you all for your patience with and your dedication to getting the MAP testing done. The I/L team will be trained on Wednesday on how to read the reports, and they will share this information with their teams at the next PLC.

Upcoming Events*

Week of October 17th-Coastal Explorer

October 18-PTO meeting at 400 East 6:30pm. Please fill out PTO attendance form if you can represent the staff at this or future meetings.

October 19-MAP Report Reading Professional Development (Instructional leaders and Ms. Finn-please secure a substitute or contact Barb for a sub as soon as possible)

  • Wellness Wednesday-Join us on a walk through downtown and part of Shore Road to view the change of the seasons, chat, and get some exercise...

October 20-Faculty Meeting (7:45am)

October 25-Instructional Leader Meeting (cancelled)

  • 1/2 day dismissal 12:30pm-lunch will be served
  • Parent Conferences

October 26-PLC Early Release Wednesday

October 27-Playground and Beautification Meeting (8am)

  • 1/2 day dismissal 12:30pm-lunch will be served
  • Parent Conferences

October 28-Fancy Lunch for one grade level (with most stickers in month-District Administration, Superintendent et al., have agreed to serve students)

  • Afterschool Halloween Parade and PTO Monster Mash events
  • Picture Day

*All events can be viewed on Chatham Elementary School Staff Events Calendar 2016-2017. Access through your Monomoy Google account or use this link:

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Please Consider Being an Advisor for an Afterschool Club

See posting at or for more information click here: CES clubs.

Club advisors have been appointed to Student Leaders, the Go Geo Club, Chorus, Band, Jazz Band, and the Homework Team-thank you to those that have committed to running these clubs for our students! Still looking for advisors for the Robo League, The Continental Math League, SHARK sightings, and the Kids Can-Do Team.

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SHARKS in the Classroom

Remember to let Eileen, PBIS team coach, know when your class fills their shark tank. When this happens, we will take a picture of your class and place on the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria, and your class will take "possession" of the SHARK for the week.

SHARK #2 has been named by Julin's class: Jaus Lamingas (means "feel happy" in Lithuanian)-not sure of the pronounciation but we are putting a positive spin on it and creating a homophone for Jaws (which is what the class decided for the name :)

SHARK #1-Chomper

We will be ordering more sharks for classroom visits, and for now, the list of visits can be found at : Chomper/Jaus visits.

Articles and Pictures Needed

...for next CES Scoop. Trying to send Scoops more frequently this year, so quick blurbs, pictures, or longer articles welcome. Since using this year, please send articles etc. via email. Also, we are looking for participants in "Five things you didn't know about..." Check out this week's Scoop at or click here: Scoop.
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Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 4-5pm

147 Depot Road

Chatham, MA

  • October Wellness Event (10/19): Bring your walking shoes and join Jenn Jennings on a walk in Chatham
  • November Wellness Event (11/9): Seasonal cooking class

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Research, Reads, and Recommendations

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Stratosphere by Michael Fullan

From Amazon:

"It's time to take the lid off learning."

In Stratosphere, Michael Fullan takes a close look at the fast-paced world of emerging technologies and argues that the inevitable influence of technology on teaching and learning must not be resisted, but rather embraced and applied in meaningful ways to positively impact school classrooms.

  • Examines connections–and disconnections– between pedagogy, technology, and change knowledge in education
  • Creates a vision for improving education by escaping the content-focused teaching of the past and embracing “the new pedagogy” of higher-order skills
  • Focuses on the harnessing of fast and innovative technologies to bring about change in classrooms, districts, states, and provinces
  • Identifies four critical elements that, at scale, have the ability to make large-scale change a reality– and easier!
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Office Beautification-

Thank you-this week's flowers smelled and looked beautiful. If you are interested in bringing in an arrangement, sign up at Office Beautification Calendar.

Faculty Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 7:45-8:45pm

Chatham Elementary School

7:45-8:20am Equity and Gender: Jill Malinowski and Visions Team

8:20-8:45 RtI Needs Assessment Protocol

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My Apologies to the I/A team

This week was supposed to be a professional development PLC week, and it totally slipped my mind to confirm the session. I will try to re-organize a session on this week's topic: developmentally appropriate strategies and data collection for the next PLC. I will get the word out once it is set.

Did You Make Contact With Your 3/3 This Week?

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Staff Senate-Survey

The Staff Senate recently sent out a short survey. Please complete so that they can best serve you in their roles.

The Senate is an advisory body to the Principal and School Council. In fulfilling this role, the Senate:

  • Discusses policies and/or procedures and make recommendations regarding interest/concerns that affect staff members;
  • Assists in the communication of issues and activities affecting staff members; promotes and facilitates staff participation in the learning community;
  • Encourages a sense of community among all employees.
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