FCI Health and Safety - Term 2

Saturday 30 April

In Term 1 under the Red setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework we implemented the following health and safety measures:

  • staying home if unwell

  • wearing masks inside

  • providing hand sanitisation throughout the school

  • maintaining Area bubbles

  • requiring students to spend break times outside

  • ensuring buildings were well ventilated and monitoring CO2 levels in buildings

  • promoting safe hygiene practices

  • allowing PE uniform to be worn to avoid changing in close proximity to others

  • limiting gatherings

We had excellent co-operation with these measures. While 17% of our students and only four staff members contracted COVID-19, our protection measures greatly reduced the spread within the school. We ended the term with over 90% attendance. This tells us our measures have been successful.

Looking Forward

We are approaching the winter flu season and we are being told that, because of reduced immunity to the flu, we should expect a surge in winter ills. Therefore, we will continue with many of our health and safety measures, including encouraging everyone to wear a mask when inside buildings. Here is a link to a recent NZ Herald article which supports our decision to strongly encourage mask-wearing. In addition, the visual below shows the importance of mask-wearing in keeping us safe.

Big picture

I take the health and safety of our school community very seriously, and I appreciate the support the school has received from you to help make this possible.

Ngā mihi

Tamara Jones


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