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"WE, Nigeria = Women & Environment" with Olanike

Sylvia Global Media Network Welcome's Our New Host, Olanike!

Listen below to her conversation with Gael Sylvia.

Her weekly show launches on during the UN * UNESCO's WORLD RADIO DAY!

WE, Nigeria = Women & Environment, host Olanike

Thursday, Feb. 13th, 9am

This is an online event.

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UNESCO's World Radio Day will be the global launch of WE, Nigeria = Women & Environment, with our host Olanike. Join her weekly for engaging, discussions with world thought leaders, local activist and empowering information.

Women's Rights

Women’s restricted access to natural resources ranks high amongst factors that engender gender disparities and confine women to impoverishment and deprivation. At the 2000 United Nations Millennium Summit, 191 governments reaffirmed their commitment to women’s empowerment and adopted the Millennium Declaration, agreeing to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women as effective ways to combat poverty, hunger, and disease, and to stimulate development that is truly sustainable.

The UN & UNESCO's World Radio Day - "Olanike" Is Providing A Voice To Women

The date of 13 February, the day the United Nations radio was established in 1946, was proposed by the Director-General of UNESCO. The objectives of the Day will be to raise greater awareness among the public and the media of the importance of radio; to encourage decision makers to establish and provide access to information through radio; as well as to enhance networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

Olanike - A Voice of the Present for Women: Environmental Destruction & Cultural Practices

OLANIKE OLUBUNMI OLUGBOJI has a professional background in Urban and Regional Planning (First and Second Degrees); and professional experiences as a Social Entrepreneur, Environmental Advocate, Educator and professional.

Olanike has worked for years to mobilize disadvantaged women in Kaduna State, Nigeria to address a number of environmentally destructive cultural practices in water supply, energy services, urban transport, education and waste management issues.

She has a wealth of experience in Development work and has participated in many international, national and local meetings, capacity building forums and researches. She is versatile and is affiliated to a number of local and international organizations which include, amongst others, Nigerian Institute of Town Planners , Nigerian Environmental Society, Industrial Pollution and Abatement Committee (Kaduna, Nigeria), Global Collaborators Alliance (California, USA), Foundation for Educational Advancement (Calabar, Nigeria), Women’s Earth Alliance (New York), USA, Global Women’s Leadership Network (Santa Clara, USA), Rural Africa and Water Development Project (Owerri Nigeria), Love and Compassion (Kaduna,Nigeria), Green Environment Foundation (Kaduna, Nigeria) and WorldPulse (Portland, USA). She was also a foundation member of the Women’s Global Green Action Network (New York, USA). While serving as the Secretary to the Board of WISE, she currently also volunteers her time to WISE, as the Executive Director/Program Coordinator.

Olanike networks governmental and intergovernmental bodies, NGOs, CBOs and other individuals and corporate organizations to develop environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Indigenous Niger Delta Woman: A Microcosm of Denied Rights and Dignity | World Pulse

World Radio Day 2013 - Message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

WISE - Women's Initiative for Sustainable Environment

Olanike is WISE - Creating A Just and Safe Environment for ALL

To promote constructive environmental ideals, culture and practices by empowering women, especially grassroots women, to become environmental stewards.

Environmental Awareness

Our global and immediate environment is increasingly undergoing rapid changes which are very detrimental to the well being of human populations and the entire ecosystem. WISE believes that there is need to improve the relationships between humans and their environment, including the global aspects of the environment through sound environmental education.
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Tourism Promotion

In recent years, the Tourism industry has gained more prominence and more countries are beginning to see and realize its significant economic benefit. Nigeria is no exception to this fact. According to the Nigerian Tourism Agency, “ Nigeria is a fascinating country where the complimentary diversities of the people, their custom and vitality are enough to attract and satisfy the tourist in search of colour and excitement. However, WISE is of the view that the declining quality of the environment especially in a country like Nigeria has in no small way limited and affected Tourism boost.
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Olanike's Interest:

Her hobbies and interests include Research, Reading/Writing, Poetry, Tourism and Cookery. She has written several published articles and Poems in Newspapers, books and blogs. Her blog on which she titled Women, Environment and Society Think-Tank is dedicated to raising awareness on environmental and societal issues that touch on women’s lives.

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