Death Cloud Summer Reading Project

By:Ethan Shoemaker


Death cloud is about a young boy named Sherlock Holmes who lives in England. Sherlock has to go to live with his aunt and uncle because his dad wants to go see him mother because she is not feeling well. While he is at his Aunt and Uncle's house, he meets a young boy Matty Arnatt, an orphan that lived near the river. Matty and Sherlock become friends and Matty tells him about the odd cloud of smoke that came out of someones appartment, and the person who lived in seemed to of been patient zero with some mysterious plague. Not to long after that, Sherlock was walking with his tutor, Mr. Crowe, that his older brother had hired for him, and they find a dead body that had the same symptoms that the person who Matty told Sherlock about did. Mr. Crowe and Sherlock called the town doctor to examine the body, and he said it was the plague. Sherlock doesn't think that it is the plague, he thinks that someone is causing this to happen. Is Sherlock right? I guess you will have to read it....

Rising Action

Rising Action: When Sherlock and Matty chase after the Baron.

Rising Action: When Sherlock is captured by the Baron.

Rising Action: When Sherlock, Mr. Crowe, Matty, and Virginia go on a quest to find the Baron.


The climax occurs when Sherlock is fighting the the Baron.

Falling action

After Sherlock fights the Baron


When Sherlock and Virginia met Mr. Crowe and Matty by the dock.

The Title of this book is: Andrew Lane