Open sea deeper down.

By Lexi Rae Peterson

Fun fact

Most people that know ocean species only know to the intritial zone where the water meets land.

Two broad realms

two broad realms

There might be animals we have not discovered yet like the cyclops squid and the mermaid and giant squid. The oceans are two broad realms the pelagic and the benthic. In the Pelagic there are tiny organisms floating in the water. In the benthic is at the bottom of the ocean and animals that might even burrow in it!

This is a picture of a jelly fish in the benthic zone. This Is a picture of a fish in the pelagic.

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Brumuda triangle

many things go missing in the brumuda tryangle Emilea Airhearts plane crashed there and has not been seen ever scince nether has Emilia Airheart

this might be what is causing things to go missing in the brumuda tryangle

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Diver Pulled Under by Squids | Man-Eating Super Squid