The best country in the world, even above the United States!

About Our Government

Here in Canmerica we have an Indirect Democracy. This means that any legal citizen over the age of 20 can vote for representatives to make and pass laws for the people. The chosen representatives, also known as Congress, then have the power to vote in a President or vote in other government officials. Our current President is, President Colin Brown. The President has several responsibilities including, Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Administrator, and many more but most important to please and protect the people. In Canmerica we operate by a Federal Government which means that power is divided between National and Regional, this way our Regions don't feel as if they are divided and also all power is not in the hands of the government.

Geography of Canmerica

Canmerica is located directly north of the United States, with (as of 2015) a population of 35,749,600 people. We have mainly a Market Economy which means our economy is based off of trade. There are many natural resources here, but some of our main exports are Iron Ore,Nickel,Copper,Gold,Lead,Diamonds,Silver,Fish,Lumber,Coal,Petroleum Oil, and Natural Gas. We have mountain ranges, coastlines and also a lot of wooded areas. The two most common languages spoken here is French and English. Most of the population is made up of middle-class, to upper-class citizens.

Job Opportunities in Canmerica

Political Information and Conflict

The two main political parties in Canmerica are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party but a few main third parties are the Green Party and the Constitution Party. Our top five allied countries are: The United States, The United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, and France. Our top five enemy countries are: Russia, Serbia, Iraq, North Korea, and China. One conflict we are working very hard to overcome is the rate of drug abuse in some of our major cities, but we are slowly making progress.