Shhh...Surprise Baby Shower!

Come celebrate Ms. Cardenas' baby boy with the Science Dept.

Margie Cardenas is having a baby!

Please join the Science Department during 4th period Friday December 5th in the PLC room to celebrate Ms. Cardenas' bundle of joy! In January a baby boy will be joining their family!

We are trying to keep this a secret and acting like we are having a potluck for the department. If you would like to bring a gift please bring it to the PLC room on Friday December 5th during 4th period or drop it off with Mrs. Elmhorst before 4th period if you can't join us.

Please don't spill the beans!!!!!

Cardenas' SURPRISE Baby Shower

Friday, Dec. 5th, 11am-1pm

PLC room at Aldine 9

The Biology Dept will be starting the shower during A lunch (our PLC time) and Ms. Cardenas will open gifts whenever she chooses. We will be in there most of 4th period so please stop by and give her your best wishes!

Food and Gifts

The Biology Department will provide some snacks ready at 11:20 and Ms. Cardenas will open presents whenever she likes! Please drop on by and celebrate with us!

Gift Registry

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