Parenting School-Age Children

Positive discipline now, means connected children later!

Ask Yourself...

Are you tired of the power struggles between you and your child(ren) related to homework, bedtime and other responsibilities?

Does creating a calmer household sound appealing, but unattainable?

Would you like to know that you are parenting with current and well-researched information?

Join Parent Educator Alison Bower and fellow Starbucks Parents to learn practical tools and approaches backed by research that will empower you to be the parent you want to be....and build community in the process!

4 Week Parenting Series for Parents of Children Ages 5 to 12 Years Old

Time: July, Tuesdays or Thursdays from 12:00-1:00

What To Expect:

  • Week One: Why Are We Here? What is Positive Discipline and Why is it Effective? You'll learn about the importance of creating an environment in which your child feels a sense of significance and belonging and you'll gain insights about what you are doing now that works for or against you and your child.
  • Week Two: Communication. What works long-term? You'll learn about natural consequences, the differences between enabling and empowering, and how to support your children without pampering them in ways that foster weakness.
  • Week Three: Mistaken Goals and Your Child. You'll gain valuable tools for recognizing what your children are actually telling you through even their most challenging behaviors...and yours!
  • Week Four: Encouragement Vs. Praise. You'll learn about the differences between encouragement and praise and how you can effect positive change in your home by shifting language and focus.

The total cost is $109.00, which includes a copy of the book Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson, Ed.D., all materials, and free access to the class for spouses or partners.

Alison Bower and ParentsInMind Alison Bower is an experienced teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and certified parent educator. Through professional experience working in schools and with private clients, she has seen that children feel better, respect is built, and relationships are strengthened when there is proper parenting support. Come and see what it can feel like to have the tools you need to parent well.