Christian Huygens

By Georgina Richards

A little bite About Christiaan Huygens

  • Described saturns rings.
  • Discovered the moon Titan.
  • Christiaan was a Dutch physicist and astronomer who lived beetween 1629-1695 (14/4/1695).
  • He invented pendulum clock.
  • constantijn (1628), Christiaan (1629),Lodewijk (1631), Philips (1632) and Suzanna (1637).
  • Known as particularly as an astronomer,physicist,probabilist that is just some of them.
  • his work included early telescopes studies of the saturn rings and the discovery of the moon Titan,the invention of the pendulum clock and other inventions in timekeeper.
  • He puplished major studies of mechanics and optics,and a pioneer worked on games of chances.


Dutch scientist christiaan huygens not only proposed the earlist theory about nature of light,he also put it to good use when he turned a telscope towards saturn and observed that its a odd blob-like shape Galileo had first seen the shape in a telescope and drew it in his notebook as like its has ears on the planet was in fact it's caused by the rings.

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Date/s of discovery/ies

Date: August 10th, 2009

Podcaster: Adam Fuller from Columbia Astronomy

Saturns description

Description: 400 years ago Galileo turned his telescope towards Saturn and saw what he thought were three separate round circles.

For the next 50 years astronomers debated the true nature of saturn.

In 1659,Christian huygens changed the debate with his book,System Saturnium.