Instructions and Tutorials

A video sharing website for


Our idea is to build a instructional and tutorial website that can serve as "Videopedia" + "Bookmarks" + "Social Network".

We hope this UNIQUE video platform can make people to take the initiative to share their good knowledge with others, and meanwhile learn from others

Road Map

Baby Stage

We are now in the business development stage. We are open for any sort of things: comments, advices, capitals, talents, collaborations and MORE...

First Launch in China

Our first launch will be in China, as for 3 reasons:
  1. we know better the place, the people and the need...
  2. the remarkable market potential
  3. the real chance to make a huge impact!

There is no final stage

We will keep rolling our services... until it becomes a build-in part of people's daily lives. We hope that our product can ultimately be beneficial to the whole society.

We are Veolet!

Welcome to contact us for more details!