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The Big Idea Mastermind

What is the "Big Idea Mastermind"?

We are an online community of positive thinking people that support and teach each other from our personal successes with the help of our highly successful mentor Vick Strizheus.

Vick Strizheus has a vision to revolutionize online marketing by creating an environment which produces success! Our goal is 100% success for everyone of our members.

This is a brand new community, and many of us have already changed our lives in ways we never thought possible! We make HEAPS of money online, but it isn't even about the money, it's about the community... the money just follows once you are surrounded by successful people!

The best thing is that there are NO MONTHLY FEES and NO JOINING FEES!!!

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Why do we want you?

Well maybe you aren't right for our community, but maybe you are?

We are looking to create as many success stories as possible! If you want to change your life and are willing to work for it, but most importantly, contribute a positive attitude to our community (we have a no negativity policy) then this is for you!

You can make tonnes of money with us, but best of all you will become a better person.


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