Team 4:13 extended!

Gina's amazing GEN 0

I challenge you to grow!

From September 1- October 31 you have been challenged by Tammy and I to recruit yourself to a bigger Fall. It's not hard and anyone can do this! Start with a list of 10 people you want to share the opportunity with and get them excited right along with you!
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Let's celebrate you! Team sales & recruiting for the month of August!

Great job recruiting ladies! I am excited to watch you all grow your team. In the month of August these ladies hit the ground running! I cannot wait to see what September holds for all of you!

Sabrina Melvin- 1
Kim McAllister- 1
Becky Grantham- 1
Monica Roberts- 1

The summer months are a killer and with everyone heading back to school in August it can be sometimes hard to keep those parties in place. With that being said you ALL had an amazing month and I am so thankful for all of your hard work and of course party-ing! These are some of our hard hitters for the month of August.

Brandi Allen- $508
Anita King- $516
Sandra Lokey- $518
Deborah Lewis- $607
Cheri Newsom- $623
Buffy Trundle - $625
Melissa Albright- $790

3rd place
Allision Dye with $876

2nd place
Kristy Brach with $1137

1st place
Mandy Strickland with $1260

Again our team is amazing and I thank everyone for all your hard work!

Gina's office hours are as follows....

I didn't want anyone to think that I am ignoring you. I have a crazy, busy schedule and I am sure all of you do as well! The school year has started and I wanted to make sure everyone knows when are the best times to reach me. Being that I homeschool mornings are for sure out. We also eat dinner from 4pm to 5:30pm and will not pick up the phone. I also reply to text messages faster than e-mails. So you can reach me between the times posted below.

Monday- 1pm to 8pm
Tuesday- 5:30 to 8pm
Wednesday- 5:30 to 8pm
Thursday- 1pm to 8pm
Friday- 1pm to 8pm
Saturday anytime
Sunday 1pm to 6pm