scientific revolution

Ednel Perez

what was the scientific revolution

the scientific Revolution -the revolution was the think that they took to the 16 century.the scientific revolution at the same time as the renaissance of the reformation in Europe people began to question.

who were the people associated with the change

how did the change impact society at the time

The Renaissance era greatly impacted society. It was the period of time when people were starting to break away from the Medieval times. Modern inventions were being made to make life easier.

How is the Scientific Revolution evidenced in today's society?

In the time before the Scientific Revolution, the way that things were "known" was via authority. People would believe that a thing was true (the sun goes around the Earth, for example) because Aristotle had said it or because the Church said it. There was no need for evidence -- the fact that someone important had said it was all the evidence needed.