Mississauga Issues #2

Protecting Environmentally sensitive Areas


The issue I chose to research is about protecting our environmentally sensitive areas. What this means is that our parks and open spaces are at danger of being plowed out. Mississauga and Ontario are facing a garbage problem, with just over 12 million tons in waste being generated ever year. Mississauga needs to lower there garbage produced along with the rest of Ontario. During the winter of 2013, the garbage strike lasted near a month and caused piles of garbage to pile up in certain areas. Another factor that puts our environmentally sensitive areas at risk is due to our expanding population, which requires room for housing. Because of this, areas such as Windy Hollow Park and Mimico creek may one day be at risk from our slowly growing population. Roads that connect towns and cities disrupt the forest they run through as well.

Where is the issue taking place?

All throughout Mississauga, our local open space are at risk in being turned into housing. For example, recently houses are being built in Otobico hduao