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The rainforest


Keep calm and save the rainforest.

The causes of deforestation

-The first origins of the deforestation is the timber exploitation.

-The second is the the clearing of forests.

-Intensive agriculture , pushing always more in the forest other cultures, is a major factor in deforestation.

The results of the deforestation

The deforestation causes the extinction of many plant and animal species ! This also causes the local climate change.

What you can do to help the rainforest

  1. First, before buying wood or furniture , we must ask what are the tree species used and what is the geographical origin of the wood .
  2. Then we can prioritize the purchase of products made ​​from local wood , promote products made with the species growing in our region such as oak , pine, olive etc.
  3. You can also decide to join associations or organization such as WWF or "zero deforestation" or " Arutam " and carry with them information campaigns or actions to present to the people the problem of Amazonian deforestation.
  4. Also reducing our consumption of paper and disposable products such as napkins , cups and paper plates , it will reduce paper pulp requirements and therefore cuts of wood. One can also buy products made ​​with recycled paper.

It may require the use or placing on the market of timber or FSC certified paper

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The lungs of the earth

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