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SCHOOL COUNSELORS - College Application Month high school registration is now OPEN!


School counselors and guidance staff - now is the time to register your high school College Application Month event(s). PLEASE READ BELOW as there are changes regarding registration this year.

- Counties are organized into 12 regions.

- Each region is assigned a week to where dates can be picked to host a College Application Month event during.

- If you would like to host your College Application Month event during a half day, whole day, two days, entire week or entire month that is completely up to you. You will be able to click on these dates during that assigned week to notify us your date(s) and specific time(s).

- If you see that the assigned week your county falls in does not align with your school schedule and/or activities, you will have the choice to choose another "preferred" date outside the assigned week but between September-November.

- Please remember to be very specific on the times your event will be held. If it is a half day, please give that time frame. If you are holding appointments, please list the appointment times. This will help volunteers and college representatives organize their schedules so they can maximize the time allowed to assist students with their college applications that day/week.

This assigned week scheduling will allow for more organization of events throughout the state so volunteers, college representatives, the media, and business leaders will have the ability and flexibility to organize their schedules so they can maximize their time to assist students with their college applications that day/week in their regions.

Also, these assigned weeks will not occur at the same time as Ed Op weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will gladly work with you on registering your event.

*This newsletter will come to you weekly filled with information not only about College Application Month 2015, but also informing you on other college access (Step 1 Step 2) opportunities and information. This information will be useful in your planning for college access events, activities and parent nights so please feel free to disseminate this information to your students, parents/guardians and community.

I look forward to working with all of you again this year and want to thank you over and over again for the hard work that made College Application Month 2014 the year to beat!

Have a wonderful week,

Catherine Sturm

Assistant Director Pre-College Youth/SC GEAR UP

College Application Month Materials

If you hosted a College Application Month event last year - you were provided with additional materials for this year.

If you are a new school hosting for the first time or need extra materials - all of College Application Month materials can be found on SCCANGO by clicking here. These materials are printable, you can email them to parents and students and post to social media. Remember the flyers are created for you to enter your event information and print them out and post around your school to promote your event.

If you have any questions regarding these materials, please email me at

College Application Month 2015

We are in the process of working on registration plans for College Application Month 2015 - will be receiving an invitation to begin registering your high school for College Application Month 2015 very soon. Please make sure you read these weekly newsletters, check, check SCCANGO Facebook and check SCCANGO Twitter for upcoming information about registering your high school to host College Application Month 2015!

Results from College Application Month 2014

Total # of participating high schools - 214

Total # of high school seniors enrolled in participating high schools (reported by site coordinator) - 43,931

Total # of volunteers/college representatives who assisted with CAM events - 2,240

# of high school seniors who signed into a CAM event (reported by site coordinators) - 20,416

# of signed in students who completed a Student Survey - 8,505

# of college applications completed reported by 8,505 students who submitted the Student Survey - 26,907

Estimated # of completed college applications for 20,416 high school seniors who signed into an event - 64,598

Movie 2014 CAM
College Application Month Statewide Commercial
The First Lady Speaks at San Antonio Signing Day Reach Higher Event

National Signing Day 2015

Friday, May 1st, 12am

SC High Schools

Last May, First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Reach Higher Initiative at the Destination College's 4th Annual College Signing Day at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Standing before thousands of students, the First Lady shared her personal success story and then charged the audience saying, "We need everyone reaching higher for our young people." (Click here to watch the video with her remarks.)

This May, we invite you to join the First Lady's Reach Higher Initiative and celebrate students in local communities who have committed to going to college.

For ideas on how to organize an event, please click here for the toolkit.

If you’re planning a Signing Day event please let me know at And if you want to shout it out on Social Media, please use #ReachHigher and #SigningDayinSC2015

Bragging rights?

Please share with me all your college access and awareness activities with me and I will be happy to highlight them in these weekly newsletters.

Please send me pictures, videos an summaries to Catherine Sturm at



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