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tragic event in maycomb

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Miss Maudie's house at the peek of the fire.

maudie's memories lost in a house fire

Miss Maudie thought it was going to be a normal night in house. Miss Maudie was getting ready for bed when she smelt smoke from downstairs. She immediately ran out and got help. The fire was started when a wood burner caught on fire and burnt the entire house down.

The house was to far gone when help arrived but neighbors of Miss Maudie managed to get out furniture and valuable items. The fire started to spread to nearby houses but was stopped before any other damage could occur.

"I didn't like that old house much anyway" said Miss Maudie. "I will have more room for my garden next year now that I am building a smaller house" said Maudie. "All that matters is no one was hurt," said Maudie.

Maudie knew this wasn't the worst thing that could've happened to her but it still felt like it to her. She didn't know where to start or what to do with the house or its remains and where to start with her new house.

"Where am I going to stay," Maudie said. "Where do I start with repairs," Maudie wondered. "All my memories were in there," Maudie said. "Life will go on Maudie," Atticus Finch said.

Maudie is now trying to figure out how to restart her house and her memories. She is living with friends for the time being until she can get her feet under her and build another house. There are many neighbors that are helping Maudie with her house.

Black man put on trial

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Tom Robinson being asked questions on the podium during his trial.

Maycomb Court accused Tom Robinson of of rape

A black man named Tom Robinson is put on trial for rape. Mr. Tom Robinson is a black man being accused of rape in the Maycomb court house yesterday. Mayella Ewell is the alleged victim of this tragedy. Yesterday Tom was tried for rape in front of Judge John Taylor and the jury and the whole town of Maycomb. Tom’s lawyer was Atticus Finch and the Ewell’s lawyer was Mr. Gilmore. The trial took longer than expected because Tom’s side of the case showed some important evidence that coincided with Heck Tate, Maycomb’s sheriff.

Atticus Finch asked Bob Ewell to come to the stand and Atticus asked, “Could you please wright your name on this piece of paper.” This showed that Mr. Bob Ewell was left handed. Then Atticus asked, “Tom please catch this glass with your left hand.” Tom replied, “I can’t suh my hand is crippled from when it got caught in a gin.” “This was a good piece of evidence for the defense going forward,” Atticus says.

This evidence won’t matter anymore because Tom Robinson was shot when he tried running away. Neither Mr. Finch or Toms wife Helen Robinson were expecting this to happen because Tom had a fighting chance in this trial.

"I have no idea why Tom would have tried running away because he had a fighting chance with the good evidence we brought forward," Atticus Finch said. "No matter what people say about him Tom was a better man then anybody in that court room because he stood up for what was true and pure," Atticus said.

This all happened because the unspeakable act was committed by Mayella Ewell who tried to kiss a black man. This act was unspeakable in the town of Maycomb. Life as the Ewell's and Robinson's knew it was ruined and changed.

local children attacked in the night

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Jem Finch in his bed after being attacked by Bob Ewell. Jem had a broken elbow, bruises on the face and arms, and he was unconscious.

finch children attacked after Halloween play last night

Jem and Jean Finch were walking home from a play and were attacked in the night by a mysterious man. Jem and Jean were on their way home from the play and it was late. They heard a rustling behind them and looked back but saw nothing. They kept on walking and heard it again and the sound stopped when they stopped so they thought it was Cecil Jacobs making a prank but before they knew it a shadowy figure was hitting and throwing them on the ground.

"I couldn't see anything because of my costume and it was to dark," Jean said. "All I heard was Jem screaming and two or three people fighting," Jean said. Jean says, " I just thought Jem might be dead."

The children both were scared beyond belief but they both fought through it with the help of another man named Arthur Radley who saved the kids when he heard them scream. The person who tried hurting the children was Bob Ewell. Arthur came to the scene and fought Bob.

" I didn't want to go outside but I knew the children needed help so I did," Arthur said. "What happened to Bob," Atticus asked? " I assume the Mr. Ewell fell on his knife," Sheriff Heck Tate said. "All that matters is no one is severely injured and will recover from this horrible event," Atticus said.

All matters were resolved in this conflict and the children are on the way to recovery. Arthur Radley was thanked for his good deeds and went back home with new friends around the corner. Life at the Finch place was back to normal.

Hitler Rises To Power In Germany

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Adolf Hitler giving a speech to his comrades, fellow Nazi's, and all present.

A new government is on the rise

There is a new leader in Germany. He is frowned upon by many nations because he is taking Jews and putting them in concentration camps. Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933. Hitler and his Nazi party started their first concentration in March of the same year. Hitler is currently using it for the Jewish. It is raising high concerns after he used it to house and then kill politicians that did not agree with him. Local residents of Maycomb say they are worried that a war will break out soon.

"It is scary to think that family and friends could be sent off to war. World War One ended not to long ago and now it is scary to think Maycomb residents might be at war again." It is just crazy to think that someone could have so much hate to people." said Alexandra Finch.

The first World War was a major factor in the great depression. Many are concerned that another war will make the economy even worse than it is. Germany is mad because they are in a depression so they are blaming it on the Jews.

"I do not understand how Hitler hates Jewish people so much because they are just like any other person. It is not fair to anyone because most of the world is in a depression and this will just make it worse." said Miss Maudie.

Many think Hitler is going to start to take land from surrounding countries but at the moment the concern is Jewish lives.

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Tim Johnson rabid or not

Tim Johnson a beloved dog was shot yesterday morning because Sheriff Heck Tate thought he was rabid. Atticus Finch is the one who shot Tim. They had no idea if he was rabid or not they just they just shot him without even getting a chance to see if he was. What if someone decided to call the cops or even said that you were crazy and tried sending you to a mental hospital. It was wrong to shoot that dog he didn't do anything wrong. He was innocent. How would you like it if you were judged by the way you act or what you look like? Tim was a good dog that wasn't rapid he just had a fun weird spirit. He did not deserve to be shot. He could have lived a good life but it was ended for no reason. He will always be remembered and loved.

Harry Johnson

Tom Robinson, fair or fate

Tom Robinson was on trial yesterday and was accused of rape. No one knows if he actually did it or not. There were no witnesses. All there was is a few minor facts that Bob Ewell presented to the jury. The evidence that was presented to the jury by Tom Robinson had more proof that he didn't do it then all the Ewell's combined. I mean if Mayella Ewell was beaten on the right side of the face then the person who raped Mayella must have been left handed and as we know Tom couldn't use his left hand because of his hand getting caught in a gin. If Tom wasn't black, he might have had a fair trial but no matter what it was fate not fair. He did not deserve to be punished for something he didn't do just because he was black. As long as you breathe, eat, sleep, and have a heart you are human and we are all the same.

Jean Finch

Show up for the first family maycomb movie night

Show up at the Maycomb county football field for the first ever family Maycomb movie night. Show up at 7:00 O'clock for a movie. It's a surprise. The movie will be PG and free popcorn but bring your own drink. There will be door prize drawings for children 10 and under. Please join us. Hope you can make it.

Maycomb County Thanksgiving parade

Are you ready for the annual Thanksgiving Parade? Well you don't have to wait to long. The 50th annual Parade is right around the corner. It is planned for four days before Thanksgiving. If you are interested in entering a float into the parade please call the Maycomb County Hall for the details and sign up sheet. We will be stopping the sign ups One week before the parade for preparations. Please join us and support the history of Maycomb County's Thanksgiving Parade.