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What's Up?

  • Countdown to the end of the 2nd Quarter- time is flying by!
  • Progress monitoring & Interventions is underway in the Middle School;Only 2 more progress monitoring sessions this quarter!
  • FAST testing window starts January 18th! Mark your calendars!
  • I will be gone this Tuesday-Thursday; Don't hesitate to email me!

Strategy of the Week- GIST (A summarizing strategy)

  • You have probably heard of this strategy as GIST- but really it stands for Generating Interaction between Schema and Text. This is an easy comprehension strategy that you can use during reading or after reading text.
  • When using this strategy, students create a GIST of 20 words or less over what they have read or learned. By limiting students to only 20 words they are having to pick essential information and major ideas, not trivial details, creating concise meaningful summaries.
  • This would be a great Formative assessment used as an Exit ticket!

Standards-Based Grading Extra Info

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