Welcome to Digital Literacy!

Resurrection's Finest!

So What Is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is a course dedicated to teaching students the importance of the internet and what roles it plays in our lives. Some topics discussed include, but are not limited to, cyber security, the digital foot print, cyber bullying, copyright, and digital citizenship. Students also learn about new tools that can aid them in their studies and possibly in their future careers. Mrs. Martin encourages everyone to ask questions to develop a strong understanding of the topics discussed in this course. Students also become much more familiarized with what their chromebooks can do. Numerous projects are assigned that require google slides, powtoons, etc. This experience also helps students in their other classes, which also use the same programs. Overall, this class is extremely important, because it really can make a difference in your school performance.

What will I learn?

Mrs. Martin introduces the class to so many tools that you will most definitely use in the future! You will also learn about proper citations and how to formulate great projects.


Absolutely not! This class is so great for young students, like us! We get a hands on experience with web tools and expose ourselves to new applications. Getting familiarized with all of these great programs will definitely aid us in our future projects and schoolwork.


Keep Up With Your Work!

This class counts towards your GPA. Key word: CLASS. You have to stay organized and "on the ball." Don't lag behind, because there's quite a bit of work. Get everything done and don't procrastinate, because this class really does matter. Just remain focused and turn those assignments in!!! Don't forget to participate!

Warning: This is For Real!

You might initially think that you don't have to put effort in this class, but in all actuality, you do! All of the programs can be applied into your school life, and could possibly be used in the future for your career. Digital Literacy is a real class that demands just as much attention as any other subject. Be tentative and always listen. Be sure to ask Mrs. Martin questions if you're concerned or confused about something.