Reignier Catholic School Newsletter

2nd March 2022 - Issue # 2


We warmly welcome the following students and their families to Reignier: Finn Christison (Room 5) and Charlie Gardiner (Room 5).


Tēnā koe,

We mark today with Ashes to acknowledge the start of Lent. This is a special time as it reminds us to spend the next few weeks reflecting on our faith journey and relationship with God.

Some years during the season of Lent, I have found myself thinking that maybe I am not doing things right in my response to the call to carry out Christ’s Mission and find myself being really hard on myself. And then today I came upon a Lenten reflection in my emails from ‘Food for Faith’ and it put everything into perspective for me. I have included an extract from the reflection for you to begin your Lenten journey.

“However, I too often forget that Jesus does not need me to get things right before he can begin to work for me, with me and in me. The way I am today is a good-enough beginning point and therefore NOW is an acceptable time, a VERY acceptable time.

Let’s recall that acceptable doesn’t mean fully ready, or that I’m good enough or enthusiastic enough, An acceptable time is simply a time able to be agreed on. A suitable time. A tolerable time.

An acceptable time is an ok time.

All I need to do today, with my half-heartedness and frailty, is to give Jesus the ok.

OK is a good enough starting point for God and even better when I agree to tolerate Jesus transforming me, healing me and forgiving me.

So today on day one of Lent, it doesn’t matter if I don’t feel too enthusiastic. All I need is to express to Jesus a bit of willingness, a bit of openness.

Even when the situation in our world is far from the peace we pray for and need, the powerful Spirit of God will work with our timid willingness and cautious openness.

NOW is an acceptable time, and however I’m feeling today, that’s enough for Jesus.”

God Bless and may we all as a Christian community use Lent as a time to renew our invitation to be in a relationship with Christ.

God bless.

Mrs Shanks



You will notice on your term account (once they are emailed home) there is a $60 charge for a School Contribution, previously known as the Activity Fee. This charge is a donation, completely voluntary, however, it is does help contribute to our photocopying costs etc. Please note, should you pay this charge it is tax deductible.


If your child has signed up to play sport this term, please check your information notice and ensure payment is made by the requested date as we are adopting a 'No Pay, No Play' policy this year due to the number of outstanding fees.

If you are experiencing hardship/difficulties please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs Gouder in the office or Mrs Shanks.

Thank you in advance for your support.



Our school day begins at 8.55am. We encourage all our students to please be at school before then, so they are able to prepare for the day ahead. We have noticed over the last couple of weeks, a lot of students arriving late. If you know that for some reason you are going to be late, please give the office a call.


Our school day concludes at 2.55pm.


Morning Road Patrol is from 8.30am to 8.50am.

Afternoon Road Patrol is from 2.50pm to 3.10pm.


A reminder that in Term 1 sandals are to be worn and not socks and shoes. Please refer to the school website to see examples of suitable summer sandals. Long hair should also be tied up and hair ties should be in school colours only.


Under 'Red Light' settings we are continuing to ask families requiring uniform to send an email ( stating what items you wish to purchase and to deposit the money into the school account, referencing your surname and uniform. Once the money has been deposited into the account we can release the uniform items you have ordered. This is done by way of the student in the classroom. Thank you for your continued support of this request.

School Account Details:

Account Name: Reignier School Board of Trustees

Account Number: 02-0766-0106693-00

Uniform Items Available for Purchase:

Sweatshirts - $50

PE Shirt - $33

PE Shorts - $27

Sunhats - $13


YES, Camp is still going ahead. The cost of going to camp this year has been set at $180.00. If you wish to start paying this off you are most welcome. Please reference your surname and camp. Thank you to those families who have already made a start. Equally, if you are experiencing difficulties please see Mrs Gouder in the office or Mrs Shanks.


Shrove Tuesday - Tuesday 1st March

Ash Wednesday - Wednesday 2nd March

2022 DATES

Term 1 - 2nd February – 14th April

Term 2 - 2nd May – 8th July

Term 3 - 25th July – 30th September

Term 4 - 17th October – 16th December

Teacher Only Days: 14th April and one in Term 3 for staff to attend special character retreat


We have BIG plans for our library...Friends of Reignier need your help!

Are you a Tradie? Do you know a Tradesman?

We have a sink unit that we would like removed, but we can't do it without some professionals.

If you know a plumber, an electrician, or a builder PLEASE contact us.

We also need new flooring and paint...mmm, know anyone?

Please get in touch with with your contact details.