Pitt community college

chris duke


Located in Winterville, North Carolina.

Mascot and Colors

We are the BULLDOGS!!!

Our colors are BLUE and WHITE!

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Why choose Pitt ?

  1. It offers a two year business degree.
  2. It is close to home, about 35 miles away.
  3. It has a great learning environment.

Student Enrollment

8,600 students enrolled

- 4,900 full time

-3,700 part time


1,152.00 per semester.

So for my two years, I would paying about 4,608.00

Graduation Rate

The graduation rate for Pitt is around 46.1%

Minimum Requirements

Pitt community college has a "open door policy".

The only thing that is required enter would be a High School Diploma, or GED.


When i enroll, I would like to join the MMA club. I will hopefully be enjoying The Marines after college, so this club would help a lot.

Extracurricular Activities

They have 4 Varsity sports: Men's basketball, Women's basketball, Softball, and Baseball.

They have other sports, not varsity, just club wise.

Pitt has a strong Student Government.

They also have an Army ROTC.

My area of study.

When I enter this college, I would be majoring in business administration. The business department plays a large role at Pitt. It is a very large department. It consists of 13 different professors.

Possible Career Choice- Being My Own Boss!!!

When i graduate, I could open up any type of business and be the boss. I make the rules, I control payroll, and I would be in charge.

$$$ Salary $$$

Dealing with the business field, the pay varies. It depends on different things such as, the type of business, the location of the business, the profit, the incoming and outgoing pay, and many more. With me being the boss, I will be making a decent pay.

The Connection ?

When getting this degree it will teach me the following..

* Finance/Economics - how to maximize $$$, reduce losses, and manage money/capital

* Human Resource - managing people effectively, hiring the right kinds of people and firing the dolts

* Marketing - penetrate markets, sell useful/less stuff to just about anyone, guage market share with competitors

* Operations Management - optimize business functions and create efficient processes

* Information Systems - data is integral in business, I.S. people learn to manage, utilize, and integrate technology in its business

* Accounting - the IRS/SEC requires it

* Law (there are classes on business law, but usually not as a “Business Law” major) - litigation and ethics

Learning all these things, will help me manage my business the correct way and to become a successful entrepreneur.

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