Gregor Mendel

Founder of phsyics

Gregor Mendel was a scientist that helped discover heredity by using pea plants. His theory wasn't accepted till later on.

Early Years

At an early age Mendel had many successes and struggles some greater than others.

Some successes where that he got accepted into the university of Olomouc, and he studied physics with Christian Doppler in Vienna

Some struggles were that he couldn't pass exams no matter what, and his family were poor farmers.

Experimental Design

Mendel used pea plants to discover heredity.

  1. He used pea plants because using apple trees would have taken too long
  2. He found you can combine 2 different types of plants to create a "hybrid"


Mendel used 3 specific data elements to conduct his experiments about heredity

  1. Seed shape
  2. Pod color
  3. Stem Length


At first scientists would not accept his theory because they didn't understand how pea plants related to humans.


Later scientists rediscovered Mendel's experiment. His experiment was later used to create the foundation of genetics because it created a pattern of traits that can be followed.


He also came up with these vocabulary words


Definition: Gene that will overpower another gene

Example: The yellow gene is dominant over the green gene.


Definition: Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene

Example: The green gene didn't show because it is recessive.


Definition: Gene is neither dominant or recessive (both would show up)

Example: When you combine a white and black feathered chicken you have one that is both white and black feathered.