SprayChic Fall News

September 2014

Thank You for Voting for SprayChic!

We want to thank you for always supporting SprayChic in local contests for best tanning. The Click on Detroit 4 The Best contest ended on September 14 and they are tallying the votes to determine the winners. The reviews our clients wrote for us set us apart and make us feel like we are already #1. We sincerely appreciate the time you took to vote for us. Stay tuned...they will announce the winners on Monday, September 22.

$20 Tuesdays Are Back!

Thanks for chiming in on our Facebook Fan Page and letting us know what you would like to see from SprayChic.

$20 Tuesdays are back starting September 16!

Book now at http://www.spraychic.com/Book_24_7.html

Welcome Jacob Serylo!

Carissa gave birth to Jacob on Sunday, June 22 at 12:04pm. He was 6lb. 8oz. and 19in. It's hard to believe 12 weeks have gone by already. He is a healthy, happy boy and big brother Tyler is so excited to have a sibling! Jake looks just like his Daddy. Dennis is such an awesome Dad! Carissa will be in and out of the salon while continuing to search for day care, but is anxious to get back to work!

Halloween 2014

Halloween is one of the more popular holidays to get a spray tan. Halloween falls on a Friday this year, and Thursdays are our busiest day of the week. Make sure to book your appointment soon!

SprayChic Expert Tip of the Month: Double Coat of Bronze?

Some clients come in wanting double or triple coats of spray tan. We want to educate our clients on the pros and cons of multiple coats.

We prefer for our clients to have a tan that is natural looking from day one through to the end of the tan without much maintenance to remove the color. DHA is the active ingredient in the solution that works with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin to produce the tan appearance. Everyone naturally sheds that top layer of skin about every 7 days. That means your tan will fade in about a week. The idea is that the tan fades without an extreme contrast against your skin's natural color.

There may be an instance where a double coat may be beneficial for a client, but generally speaking, we feel that it gives spray tanning a bad stigma. The heavier the spray tan the less even it will look as it fades and this is often why spray tans can look "patchy" or "blotchy." In the right scenario having additional coats of solution applied may result in a darker and longer lasting tan. By choosing this option there is a higher likelihood of the tan looking dirty and peeling off.

So here is the trade off. If you have a single coat that is applied properly by an airbrush expert, like at SprayChic, you will have beautiful color that will be complimentary to your overall appearance. There is less risk of embarrassing areas that make it obvious that you use sunless tanner.

Keep in mind that everybody's skin is different and situations vary from client-to-client. That's why at SprayChic Airbrush Tanning we take the time to discuss with you what is best for you and your lifestyle. There may be an occasion that you will want to take advantage of a double coat of solution. Just talk to your SprayChic Expert and they will assist you and weigh out those pros and cons based on your everyday lifestyle.

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