American System

A plan to strengthen and unify our country


We need a strong banking system that will give us abundant and easy credit! A national banking system will allow for one currency only, making it easier to buy and receive items from other countries.

Protective Tariff

You should support the American System especially if you're in eastern manufacturing because this tariff will help the manufacturing expand! Also, this tariff will make European goods more expensive, encouraging the American citizens to purchase items within the U.S. If you're from the west, you should support this tariff because urban factory workers will consume western foods! The south should also support this because the North will need cotton from the South's cotton mills.

Network of Canals and Roads

With the funds created from the manufacturing, we can create new roads and canals! This will allow us to trade and communicate more swiftly from all directions, bringing our country together politically and economically! With these new roads/canals, one would be able to get to other places faster than they have before.

Founder of the American System Idea: Henry Clay

Made by: Sydney Smith