Rain Rain Go Away...

not a chance, its what we've prayed!

I know, i know...when those animals started coming to my door yesterday by 2's, i got a little worried as well :)

Yes it is wet, soggy and muddy, but those are the direct results of answered prayer! As we struggle through the passionate desire to enjoy some Texas sunshine and free ourselves from the musty, moldy environment we find ourselves in, lets remember what a blessing this is for central Texas. Yes, we have seen the loss of life and property in the excessive flooding recently and I would not begin to try to explain the "why's" of those tragedies, but I know God is faithful and I know his heart is to bless us and not curse!

So, tonight as you come to worship Him with your Anchor family, try not to worry about the muddy roads, the potholes or puddles you will drive through. The road is solid, just stay on the road, right down the middle as you drive slowly through the puddles, rest assured there is solid ground underneath! (it is packed granite gravel and really not nearly as bad as it may look) Your car may get a little wet and muddy, but I'm sure that it is already from the current and steady weather conditions.

When you get to my home, I will have someone (probably my trusty and smart son, Jadon) there to direct you in parking. Yes, you can trust what he says!

As the enemy tries to tempt us today, to stay home depressed or pop some corn and watch a movie in the confines of our cozy, dry living room...lets remember how the God of the universe has blessed us in answering our prayers for rain.

Then, lets gather and offer Him thanks and the praise He deserves!

Love you all & hope to see you tonight :)