Coaching Cycles

Get Excited!

My Vision

I am here to support students and everyone who impacts them. I will serve you, encourage you, cheer you on. Teaching is hard work, and I will work as tirelessly as you to support student achievement!

I promise to...

1. Put students first

2. Listen

3. Collaborate

4. Remind you of your strengths

Student Centered Coaching is...

  • using student data to drive decisions
  • a partnership between teachers and coaches
  • a support system put in place to help students grow
  • reflecting

Student Centered Coaching is not...

  • me telling you what to do
  • trying to "fix" things
  • an evaluation

Steps in a Coaching Cycle: Together, we...

1. Decide on a goal

2. Plan

3. Co-teach (1 or 2 days a week)

5. Assess, Reflect, Repeat