Of Monsters and Dinosaurs

By: Kameron Edwards and Autumn Kimbrough

Protagonists and Antagonists

Frankenstein: The protagonists in Frankenstein are both Victor and his monster. Victor is a protagonist because after the monster begins to pose a threat to society, Victor dedicates his life to finding him and stopping him. The monster is also a protagonist in the beginning of his life because he helps people such as the cottagers because he has learned that it brings them happiness and he saves a little girl from drowning. On the other hand, Victor is an antagonist because he creates the monster and abandons him the moment he gains life. Later when he knows that his creation is guilty of the murder of William, he fails to speak up, letting Justine take the blame and die. The monster becomes an antagonist after being mistreated by everyone. He commits murders and frames an innocent girl.

Jurassic Park: The protagonists of Jurassic Park include Dr. Grant and Ian Malcolm. Dr. Grant is courageous throughout the whole movie, always willing to sacrifice his safety to protect the lives of everyone else, namely the children. Ian Malcolm isn't necessarily the hero type of protagonist rather the intellectual type. He is somewhat the conscience of the movie, giving advice and criticism over morality and ethical decisions.



(Man v.s. Himself) Victor wants to create something that has never before been thought of in order for others to be proud of him and praise him. However, what Victor creates turns out to be a monster and he abandons it, leaving behind his work of four years. He now has to live with the fact that what he created is killing those around him and it’s all his fault.

(Man v.s. Society) Victor’s creation is hideous in figure but gentle on the inside. However, anytime he tries to connect with society, people mistreat him and shun him for his appearance, turning him into a monster on the inside as well as the outside.

Jurassic Park:

(Man v.s. Himself) Mr. Hammond wanted to bring the dinosaur species back on Earth and create a park in which people could come and see them in their natural habitat. His own love of these creatures and desire to have them in his life is the cause of this idea, but also the cause of many deaths much chaos. After the park is overrun by dinosaurs on the loose, he must decide that his passion is not worth the danger is causes others and works to save everyone from his mistake.

(Man v.s. Society) Ian Malcolm is the only one at the park that is strongly against the idea of cloning these creatures after their extinction. his argument was that they are the only mass extinction not caused by man and natural selection shouldn't be taken lightly; the dinosaurs had their chance and ar gone for a reason. His opinion on the matter conflicts with everyone else’s, but ends up being the only right one when it comes down to it.

Theme Statements

Frankenstein: Too much knowledge can be dangerous.

Jurassic Park: Let nature take its course.

Both: Although you may be capable of something, doesn't always mean you should do it.

Ending Scenes

Similarities: At the end of Frankenstein and Jurassic Park, there were many deaths before the resolution was made. People took sacrifices to benefit themselves or a cause. In Frankenstein, Victor sacrifices his life in order to stop the monster he’s created from reeking havoc on the world. In Jurassic Park, Hammond sacrifices his lifes work of cloning dinosaurs in order to save the lives of his grandchildren and the other people around him.

Differences: At the end of Frankenstein, the most important deaths are done in vengeance and penance. Victor dies seeking vengeance of his creation and then the his creation is so sorrowful and guilty of his creators death, he says he is going to kill himself. In Jurassic Park, most of the deaths are those of the dinosaurs. The reasoning behind their deaths is merely survival of the humans on the island.

The Quest


  • Walton’s quest involved finding a northern passage to the Pacific and being known for doing so.

  • Frankenstein’s quest was about recreating life for one, to bring his mother back to life, and two, to create something admirable and grand to be looked as a great man.

  • The Monster’s quest is to find companionship and to feel apart of the rest of humanity; and wanting to be wanted by his creator.

Jurassic Park:

  • Mr. Hammond’s quest was to bring back all the dinosaur species and have everyone else be able to experience their presence as well.

  • Dr. Grant’s quest first involves saving the lives of everyone in the park, but also to realize his love for children and family.