Bowie Choir Update

March 31, 2015


Due to weather days causing the Varsity Treble and Varsity Tenor/Bass choirs to miss multiple rehearsals, we have made the following adjustment to Pre-UIL.

All Varsity Choirs (Chorale, Var. Men and Var. Women) - we have moved your Pre-UIL to Monday, April 6. We will piggyback on Seguin's Pre-UIL event. 4:45 PM - Varsity Men, 5:30 PM - Varsity Women, 6:15 - Varsity Mixed. This will be held at Seguin High School.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR TRANSPORTATION. Make arrangements NOW if you need a ride!

Colorado Trippers

There is a MANDATORY Parent/Student meeting for all students going on the Colorado trip this Thursday, April 2, at 6:30 in the Orchestra room.

Your full $550.00 is due at this time.

Bowie Choral Department Online Presence

Where do I find out stuff?

I have worked hard to make sure that the Bowie Choral Department has an online presence that allows for easy access to information throughout the year. Below is a list of all the parts of our "online community." I have made each address a link, so all you need to do is click on it. Please bookmark these websites for future reference!

  • Bowie Choir - This is where all your information is found! All Choir Calendars, Updates, News, Rehearsal Tracks, Performance audio/video. If you know no other website for the choir department, know this one! It is the answer to (almost) all of life's questions:
  • YouTube - um, it's YouTube.
  • Volunteer Voices - This is where Volunteer Voices information is found. V.V. Concert Calendar, performance videos, contact information for the group. When we are ready to hold auditions, that information will be here.
  • Booster Club - Parents, you should be a part of the Bowie Choir Booster Club! The more parents we have involved, the stronger this organization becomes, and the more you are able to support YOUR kids!
  • Amazon - Do you shop online? Do you shop Amazon? Then bookmark this link, and use it as your shopping page! The Bowie Choir Department gets a portion of Amazon's proceeds. It costs you nothing, and helps us out!
  • Facebook - I'll be honest with you - because Facebook is blocked at school, this does not get updated as much as the other sites. It is still a useful hub though, and I try to keep it updated.
  • Google + - Primarily used as a photo, video, and news update spot, as well as a source of connection for other music organizations.
  • Twitter - Pics and quick updates are found here.
  • Instagram - As of March 30, Bowie Choir has an instagram. Yes, I know I'm late to the party. Send and share your choir pics to bowiechoir!
  • Charms - Charms is where YOU get financial information, and where WE get your contact information. It is extremely important that this is updated whenever phone, email, or physical address changes occur.
  • Remind - We have several Remind "channels." The main channel is @bowiech. This is the one that all of you should be a part of. It is how I send out quick class-related reminders.

Wonderful Night at the Opera!

We had around 20 students join us for the Dallas Opera performance of La Boheme this past Wednesday. It was a great night of food and music! We plan to continue this event next year, so be watching for sign ups next year for Bowie Goes To The Opera.

Looking Ahead - Events in April

  • Look at the Calendar for after school gender choir rehearsals leading up to UIL
  • April 6, 4-9 PM: Varsity Pre-UIL @ Seguin HS
  • April 8-12: Choir/Orchestra Spring Trip to Colorado
  • April 21-23: UIL @ Trinity HS. Times TBA
  • April 23-26: Volunteer Voices compete @ National A Cappella Convention in Memphis
  • April 27-May 1: Auditions for Volunteer Voices 2015-16. More information (and exact times) to come soon.