The Peacock with the Brains

By Lauren Heck

The land was famished now but one day Azul the peacock was walking through the rose garden looking for food when Sammy walked by with his tail up high to get Azul's attention. "My, my what a gorgeous tail you have Sammy." "We should go hang out together sometime."

"Can you tonight?"

"Why, that would be lovely!"

As the night went on, Sammy tried to impress Azul by buying her anything she wanted. "Azul my darling, what can I get you, so I can get your heart?"

"Oh Sammy, you don't buy love, you earn it. Impress me.... with a fancy diner. Sammy excepted but never found out that Azul was using the rich little peacock, not for love, but food.

What is the theme of my story?

The theme of my story is get to know someone before you trust them completely. I feel like in the world today, so many people are hanging out with untrustworthy people. That is why I wrote this story, to encourage the people out there to make the right choice.