Tech Tidbits

April Edition

AIR Testing Reminders

Please double check that your login is working properly. If you are a proctor and you have no idea what I mean, please email Curt immediately.

Also make sure you can access, or have printed, the proctoring directions shared with you during AIR PD. You can search your Google Drive Shared With Me folder to find them. If for some reason you can't, or you didn't receive them, check here for teacher directions and here for student directions.

Don't forget the practice portal too! You can always hone your proctoring skills by setting up a practice student session where the students can check out what the test will look like. If you'd like an extra warm body in the room while you practice w/ the kiddos just let me know!

Chrome App of the Month - Evernote

As the Middle School and High School move to 1:1 it's important to start thinking about what apps and extensions will help you and your students. Evernote is just one way for students to keep a digital binder. I like Evernote for quite a few reasons, but the sake of your sanity I would say my top reasons are that it has a free version, it's accesible on any device, you can tag your notes to find them easily later on, it can be completely personalized depending on the user and their need, and it has an extension that allows you to "clip" webpages and put them in your binder. If you're interested let me know. I have a personal Evernote I use as a home management binder, but I have set up a demo account as if I were a student if you'd like to see it's possibilities. Below are a few sceenshots to give you a glimpse of what it can do.

Nifty Trick - Pinning Tabs

Have you ever opened up a bunch of tabs at once and they eat up all that valuable space at the top of your screen? Know which tabs live up there all day (Progressbook, Gmail, etc.)? Then you can pin your tabs. By right clicking on the tab itself you will see an option called, believe it or not, pin tab. This will shrink the tab to just the size of the icon that represents the site. This way you can still have everything open and more room to see the newer tabs you have open as well. In the example below, the user has pinned their email and a google search page and are about to pin the site they are currently on.
Big image


Forgot how to log on to AIR and set up your tests? Want to set up something like Google Classroom for next year? Have an idea for a way to lessen the use of paper in your classroom? Want to get away from using Slides or PPT for a project? I can help! Email or call me and we can set up a time!

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