The Story Continues

a B2 class


At the end of the lesson you will have written your own story using titanpad and you have shared this story using blogger.

Steps to reach your goal

Step 1

  1. Make groups of 3/4 and brainstorm about the type of story you would like to write. The seven most popular stories are:

  • Overcoming the Monster. This type of story goes back through Beowulf to David and Goliath and surely a lot further than that

  • Rebirth. A story of renewal. It's a Wonderful Life is a prime example from the movies.

  • Quest. A mission from point A to point B. The Lord of the Rings is the classic example.

  • Journey and Return. A story about transformation through travel and homecoming. The Wizard of Oz and Where the Wild Things Are are both journey-and-return stories

  • Rags to Riches. In literature: Charles Dickens and Cinderella. In the movies: Trading Places.

  • Tragedy. From the Greeks through Shakespeare, these are stories of the dark side of humanity and the futile nature of human experience

  • Comedy. The flipside of tragedy, and the last of the great storytelling tropes, it's perhaps the hardest to do well but is hugely popular in both popular art and advertising

  1. Divide the parts of the story amongst the group members by coming up with headings for each paragraph/part that you are going to write.

Step 2

  1. Start writing the story simultaneously.

  2. One of you goes to to start a public pad and invites the other group members.

  3. One person makes headings that you have come up with in step 1.

  4. When all of the members are in the pad you can start writing under your own heading.

  5. As you are writing you can see what the others are writing.

  6. When you have all finished you all read the entire story and the group decides wether the story needs tweaking or not.

Step 3

The group uploads the story on using the username, password and instructions below (see blogger icon)

Step 4

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