Shiny Shrimp

By Dylan DiRese


Shrimp are very fascinating creatures that live at the bottom of oceans, rivers and lakes. These peculiar bottom dwellers have a very odd diet, three different ways of moving and an extraordinary habitat. In fact, the reason why there are so many different attributes to this organism is because there are over two thousand species of them.

What I did

I did a Quizzle, Word Wall, go fish and 2 haikus
My Shrimp Quizzle

Try to get a 100%

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My go fish

In the go fish project I got a budget of $250 and spent $220.02. I didn’t get the closest but I got some cool fish and decorations. Some of them are a a castle for my fish. I got diamond gravel for the fish. I had many fish but my favorite was the female Crowntail Betta fish. It was a lot of money but it was worth it. I wanted our fish to have an awesome home with some friends. I hope they all get along.

My Haikus

Two thousand species

Pinkish with a little red

Eats algae and fish

Live in warm waters

Oceans, rivers and lakes

Burrows under sand