By: Arianna

What do nurses do?

plan and provide medical and to patients in hospital or at home suffering from mental or physical illness.

Daily Tasks

Nurses are pretty amazing, they do many different jobs.

-Preform physical exams.

-Provide promotion, counseling and education.

-Administer medications, wound care, and numerous other personalized interventions.

Many more amazing tasks.

Education and Training that is Needed.

Colleges and universities offer bachelor's degree programs in nursing and last for four years.

After obtaining a high school diploma or a GED, a student interested in becoming a nurse selects from a range of educational options. Students can choose to pursue training to become licensed practical nurses or registered nurses.


Nurses make $65,470 in USD

Registered nurses make $23.89 - $38.39 an hour.

Work Enviorment

Your work environment plays a large role in the ability to provide quality care. The atmosphere of a facility is critically important.