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17th August 2013 Emily Rimmer

Claymore Springs disaster crash !!

Its amazing how such a lovley day turned into a life threatning crash for Anthony, Alesha, travett,stefan and Fredrick.

Fredrick was the only one of the five that was found, not knowing if his friends were dead or had survived, not knowing what to think or do or even how to react to this extravigent event.
Fredrick was later on interviewed at the scene of this tragic crash, shocked and still shaking this is what he had to say.
It was just meant to be a wondeful day out with a few friends and I.
w had all decided that we would just go out for a drive aronf Claymore Springs for the day, so we did. We left about 1:23 pm and had been driving for around an hour, we had the music pumping eveything was fantastic until all of a sudden we saw what we thought was a young child not even 3 yet. I step out of the van and walk over to the little child soon realising that he is actually a 32 year old midget, the midget tried to sell me some drugs but i blow him off telling him to get of the road but he replies in a very creapy voice ' get out of here! something serious is about to happen'.
In the distance i seen a very beaten up van very quickly moving towards us and next thing I know the van hits the midget and smahses my bus aong with all the others of the bridge and all i seen was everything crash and the other fall to god knows where. It all happened so quickly I didnt know what t do or say so i ran for help to the closest place possible ........