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Taking you one step further on your Jewish journey

LIMMUD: A Day Long Festival of Jewish Learning

  • Learning. More than 60 programs, lectures, discussions and hands-on-experiences from which to choose. There is something for everyone.
  • Respect. There are a broad range of ideas, beliefs & practices in the Jewish community; people with formal affiliations and those without. We believe we can learn together and even disagree, without being disagreeable;
  • Diverse. We strive to be cross-communal and cross generational. There is a "Little Limmud" just for children and an amazing array of options for everyone else;
  • Non-polemical. We don't endorse or promote any particular religious, secular or political position. Wherever you stand on issues you will be welcome at Limmud;
  • Volunteers: Everyone involved with Limmud is a volunteer; from organizers to presenters. We encourage you to join the team!
  • International: Limmud started in England in 1980 and is now found in over 30 countries!

Limmud Baltimore

Sunday, Apr 21st, 8:30am-5pm

Johns Hopkins University - Glass Pavilion

Program Examples (visit for an updated list)

Michal and David: A Story of Passion Rabbi David Greenspoon

A Jewish Child Growing up in Tientsin, China (1939--48) Rena Rotenberg

The Biblical System of Divine Justice Gideon Amir

Kol Rinah: The Joy of Music

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