Cosmos Bipinnatus

Also commonly called by the cosmos!!!!!!!!

Cosmos facts

The cosmos flowers can grow to be 6 feet tall. They are related to the sunflower. They also come in so many colors. The cosmos flowers are easy to grow from the seed. If you are a beginner you might want to start with a cosmos flower. You may succeed in your progress. They also have a very light sence. Cosmos flowers don't mind being in shade or sun but prefer sun. The flowers take 4 to 7 weeks to grow.


Female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil is right in the center of the flower.
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life cycle of a plant

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First step in plant life cycle is the seed. You can find seeds from mostly anywhere. Second step in a plant is germinated seed. The seed starts to crack the roots out. The third step in a plant life cycle is seed with first root and first school. From the picture it looks that the germinated seed got the roots. The forth step in a plant life cycle is seeding. It looks to be the plant is sprouting out of the ground with the leaves growing. The fifth step in a life cycle of a plant is flowering plant. It looks that the plant on the picture is starting to grow little buds of flowers. The last step in a plants life cycle is fruiting plant. When the plant is at this step that means your plant is done with the process!!!!

Stages of a plant

Birth is when it either starts to grow a little bit or just planting the seed. Growth and development is when the plant grows and growing there pollen. Reproduction is when the flower remakes a flower in a way like clones and cones and other things. Lastly, death is when a plant is done with the stages and the life cycle.

What is photosynthesis

Photosynthesis has carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis helps life to a plant. It gives energy from the sun and helps the plant make there own food. It help the humans breath in oxygen. Photosynthesis is also helping the plant by water. Lastly, some plant's don't need photosynthesis like venus-fly-traps.