Twin Towers

Nicholas Aloupis

Building the Towers

It all started in 1946, when lawmakers got the idea of a world trade center,but they saw the need to upgrade their ports. They forgot about this for more than a decade. When they wanted to make the Twin towers, they called the "Billion Dollar Plan." The plan for the building location was originally supposed to be on the east side of New York by the Seaport. It was then moved to the middle of a west side neighborhood. They knew that the World Trade Center would take up 16 acres. They thought and thought who would design it and Minoru Yamasaki won the contract to design the Twin towers. Since it was so big and time went on and it became more popular so 50,000 people were reported to work each day, with 500,000 visitors. That is how many people went into each building, each day.
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The Attack

It was a normal day in New York. It was 7:59 when American Airlines flight 11 took off with 92 people on board. 8:14 United Airlines 175 took off with 65 people on board. Now at 8:19 flight 11 has been hijacked they have been in the air for 20 minutes. One minute later at 8:20 American Airlines 77 took of with 64 people on board. Flight 11 pilots tell the FBI about suspected hijackers. 8:41 United Airlines Flight 93 takes off, it was supposed to take off at 8:00 but because of the suspected hijackers. 8:46 Flight 11 crashes into the Twin towers floors 93-99. 8:47 NYPD and FDNY go to the Twin towers. 9:37 Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon. 9:59 The South tower collapses. 10:07 the passengers on plane 93 try to take the plane back. The terrorists crash the plane in a plain field in Pennsylvania. 10:28 the North tower collapses. After all of this day is over the fear is dying down but this day will be remembered in history forever.

Old vs. New

The Freedom tower was built because the Twin towers were destroyed. The reason it was built is because it was meant as a symbol to say to the terrorists that we are not afraid. George W. Bush said "They can make scared, they can destroy monuments but they can't take away our freedom."


The Twin towers were two towers compare to the Freedom tower it is only one building. The Twin towers were different heights. The South tower was 1,368 ft. The North tower was 1,362 ft. The Freedom tower has 80-85% of it occupied the rest of it is empty. The Freedom tower is taller than both of the Twin towers, it is 1,776ft tall. The reason it is that height is is because we signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.


They put the Freedom tower and the Twin tower in the same spot. They are both known as skyscrapers.

Why New York need protection

The problem with New York is that it does not have much defense against terrorists. The Twin towers were destroyed because there was no defense to protect New York. They got the solution after the attack, New York's governor (Rudy Giuliani) wanted to make helicopters fly around New York to protect it. They got the idea from a movie that was constantly flying a helicopter around the Hudson River. But they were not sure if they were going to do it. Then they saw the movie King Kong in movie theaters. After that they were sure they needed the helicopters, they were sure that it was a good idea. Years later people start to think of the helicopters as "Terror weapons waiting to happen." They say this because the passengers can easily go into the pilots cabin and overpower the pilots.

Gas = Fire

The cause is that a plane holds a lot of fuel in it. The effect is if it hits anything it will set on fire and burns anything .that it touches. The planes that hit the Twin towers had about 10,000 gallons of fuel in them. The columns that held the Twin towers up had insulation in them, so it was supposed to last 2 to 3 hours. With high temperatures will burn, with lower temperatures it will weaken. If a column falls the others get weaker and weaker. If one floor falls it takes floor by floor until it is so powerful that before it hits a floor is starts falling.
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