Education & Families Of Medieval

By: Scott Steiner, And Collin Hudson

Education Of Medieval Times

  • The basic education that was thought was the Seven Liberal Arts.
  • The number 0 did not exists.
  • Children also got educated by their parents.
  • Girls would usually spend their time cooking.
  • The skills learned help benefit their lives in the future.
  • Only some boys could go to school.
  • Education was only open to the sons of a high class.
  • Used quills and parchment to write but it was expensive.

Families Of Medieval Times

  • Peoples fates were decided at a young age.
  • The oldest son took over the fathers positions.
  • Marriage was decided by the parents.
  • They often got groceries cooked cleaned made there beds, and gardened.
  • Younger brother slave or solider if he does not live older brother.
  • Women had little rights.

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